Saturday, 26 September 2015

Slovenia: Julian Alps - Lake Bled and around

Lake Bled

It was another beautiful part of Slovenia. Bled has been recognised as a tourist destination for long time. During Austrian Empire, at the beginning of XXC, it was famous for being the most beautiful health spa. We enjoyed our stay in Bled a lot.

Bled Castle

An afternoon walk to Vintgar Gorge. I enjoyed it immensely whilst Aaron was looking after the three kids (again).

It was a very unique gorge as the 1.6km long walk took me through it, the very same way the river flows - the walkway was built on both sides of the gorge with bridges running across the river. I don't remember being ever able to be in a gorge. 

A dinosaur park near Bled. The children were excited to go there and equally disappointed that they visited it. Marcel felt there wasn't much to see but I  suppose it isn't easy to beat The Natural History Museum in London which Beany loves and has visited several times. 

After the disappointing date with dinosaurs the children enjoyed a little trip in a dingy around the Lake Bled and to the only island on the lake. Beany even had a go at rowing. 

The island in the background.

Stairs leading to a courtyard and a church on the island.

A view from the island

On the way to the playground at the campsite. Micky was walking for a change...

...not for long, though. Here asking Beany to 'wuggy' her which in her language means 'carry',

Beany was trying hard to do pull ups to get stronger and beat Daddy. When Micky saw him, she simply announced: 'I can do it!' and there she is!

Lake Bohinj

Not so typical Slovenian house, not any more anyway. Most houses are big, two-storeys and pretty well kept.

After three months of sunshine and heat the sky opened! It was deluge!

10-14 September 2015

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