Saturday, 19 September 2015

Morocco: Way up North

Sadly, our adventures in Morocco were nearly over as we were making our way back North. We took more inland route this time with the Blue City, Chehchaouen, being the last place to visit before finally heading for Tangier, the ferry port. 

Lunch stop on another hot day

Racing some rainy clouds. We didn't want to get caught in rain as there is always a possibility of a closed road which is the last thing you want when you have a three days ferry crossing booked. 

Looking for a spot to wild camp but first getting on some jackets. A bit cold up North, well, probably just over 20°C instead of 30°C. 

So much preparation to wild camp and we ended up in a hotel! Very indecisive! 

Azrou - town where we spent last night in Morocco, located in an area different from the rest of the country: on hills covered with forests. The town itself had a different look from towns in the South, more what we are used to - kind of European look.

Out of Azrou heading North

A market day in a town on the way

A match of chess, anyone?

Seeing a nice river on the way we decided to have a lunch stop with a swim this time. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out exactly as we envisaged. Firstly, the river was too shallow for Beany to swim which disappointed him lots. Secondly, we were spotted by local kids, boys, who just wouldn't leave us alone. When most of them finally gave up loitering and walked away, I made a mistake of giving the last remaining one some sweets which brought the rest  of boys back and they pestered us until we packed up and left.

Back on the road

Cactus fruit which Aaron had a chance to try a few days earlier and enjoyed it a lot so we were tempted to try it, too and bought some on the way.

Blue City - Chehchaouen
It was a very quick drive through the town unfortunately so next time we will be stopping here for a bit longer.

I was trying to capture a passing taxi which, as you can see, was also blue!

Tasting the cactus fruit purchased earlier that day.  We weren't very impressed with it. 

After this quick break we hopped into the car and drove to Tangier. The next three nights were spent on a ferry that took us all the way to Genoa in Italy.

Although we've visited Morocco twice and spent a good amount of time there we don't feel we've seen everything. Despite the unbearable heat we still love Morocco and time and money permitting we will be getting back there. After all we still haven't camped in the dunes and I left the country without a tagine dish. Unacceptable!

16 - 17 August 2015

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