Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Corsica: Around the island

Since we'd visited Corsica a few times we were quite familiar with the North and some other central and South parts of the island so now it was time to explore the West and East coast. 

Making our way South along the West coast

We were in the process of potty training Micky so every break was a potty stop.

A little town, Galeria, purely touristy, however on a much smaller scale than Calvi.

Porto - marina & beach. It's a little town which we explored during our second trip to Corsica three years ago.

Our campsite near Porto, views surrounding the tent

The summer is not over yet, not in here anyway. 

A nurse Micky attending a mosquito-bitten patient

On the way again, further South, to Ajaccio

A little town on the way


It was a hot afternoon when we arrived at the campsite in Ajaccio.

Ajaccio was the furtherst South we went. After that we headed East, across the island. A little town on the way Sainte-Lucie-de-Tallano

A potty stop

Another wee town, Levie

It was a beautiful drive over Col de Bavella at just over 1200m  through a national park that took us to river pools in the Alta Rocca Mountains. 

A quick lunch before going for a swim in a river pool. 

Enjoying a little beach by a river and the river itself. At first I wasn't going to have a swim as being a mountain river I was expecting the water to be far too cold for me to have a swim. Yet I couldn't be more wrong! The water was just right!

Campsite in Zonza

Going further East

And here's my retirement project. Love the building, the surroundings, nearby village.

A lunch stop at a restaurant in Zicavo we had a chance to test a couple of years earlier. The food was as good as we remembered. 

River pools near Zicavo. This time the temperature of the water was far too low for any of us to have a swim although Beany was trying to be brave. 


A campsite near Aleria, East Coast. The bouncy castles and trampoline were selling points for the kids. They were both desperate to play there, however their enthusiasm was very short lived and after a morning there they returned to their usual activities and didn't even mention the bouncy castles nor the trampoline any more. 

By the time Nela needs a pony tail, Daddy will be an expert.

Waiting to board a ferry from Bastia to Livorno in Italy. Still early stages of potty training so no use of public toilets as yet. 

Driving the car into the ferry. Oh what a joy!

A campsite in Florence - just a night stop although it would've been nice to pop in to Florence and have a wee look around. Well, another time...
The next stop: Slovenia

30 August - 7 September 2015

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