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Slovenia: Julian Alps: Kobarid in Soca Valley - Kranjska Gora

Slovenia wasn't a part of our original plan. We were supposed to head South from Corsica, down Sardinia to Sicily. However, having already spent quite a bit of time by pools and on beaches and knowing that we didn't have time to drive all the way to the Alps (we usually go for Austrian or Swiss part) the decision was made to visit new places that wouldn't be islands but would have some mountains. So once the Corsican part of our trip was over, we took a ferry across to Italy and after one night stop at Florence which just happened to be a convenient stop on the way to Slovenia we headed for Kobarid in Soca Valley in Julian Alps.

Kobarid and around

There was definitely a change in weather! Very quickly upon arrival at the campsite in Kobarid we swapped T-shirts and shorts for warm, winter clothing.

Although our first morning in Julian Alps was rather chilly it didn't stop Micky from exploring the little campsite playground straight after her breakfast.

A 'quack quack' potty was a hit with Micky. She just loved it!

A wee drive around Kobarid

A little celebration on 8th September - our boy turned 7!

Micky couldn't be kept away from the cake!

The Kobarid Historical Trail

Finally I had a chance to do a walk whilst Aaron was looking after the kids. It was very much time limited since Nela can't be left without me for too long, nonetheless a very pleasurable one. 

Soca Gorge
The wooden footbridge in the photo below is 52 metres long and was constructed on the very same spot where a wooden footbridge had been during the First World War. The new footbridge was constructed in 1998.

During the First World War the Italian Army built Three Defence Lines in the Soca region. My walk took me through three unearthed gun emplacement and observation post sits that sit on the top of the rise above Soca river. 

Steep steps to Tonocov Grad, VC settlement.

Views over the valley from Tonocov Grad

Italian Charnel House with the church of St. Anton consecrated in 1696. The Charnel House was open in 1938 by Benito Mussolini and holds remains of over 7000 known and unknown Italian soldiers killed in the First World War.

The Stations of the Cross are erected along the road leading to the Charnel House.

Napoleon Bridge - the name came from Napoleon's troops which marched across it. It isn't, though, the original bridge. The first bridge constructed in 1750 was blown up  by retreating Austrian soldiers  on the first day after the First World War was declared.

I had to complete my walk in half the time others do it so it was a well deserved meal we went out for later. Unfortunately, it wasn't exactly the Slovenian food we were after as the restaurant that was recommended to us like a few others was closed on that day. We did enjoy the food a lot, anyway.

This cost only €7, the big bowl of salad was €3 whilst the pizza the children shared only €6. A scoop of ice cream was only €1! To put that into a context: a scoop of ice cream in Corsica was on average €3.

A family walk to Waterfall Kozjak

Although my walk included the waterfall Kozjak I wasn't able to see it as it was closed to tourists due to a TV crew filming a documentary there. I did, however, check whether the short walk there was suitable for all of us so the next day we all made the effort to walk. Well, most of us. Micky, as usual, demanded to be carried. 

Nearly by the waterfall

Beany lead the way.

Unfortunately the photos don't show how amazing the waterfall is. It is a truly wonder of the Nature and I'm glad we all got to see it.

Kobarid - Bovec - Kranjska Gora

What a beautiful drive it was!


Approaching the Vrisc Pass at 1611m. It is the highest road pass in Slovenia. Over the pass runs a road which was constructed based on the ancient transport connection between the Upper Sava River Valley and the Trenta Valley. The road was built by Russian prisoners during WWI.

A restaurant on the other side of the pass where we, Aaron and me, had a coffee stop whilst the kids had an ice cream break despite it being a rather cold day.

Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora is the highest located town in Slovenia. It is very popular amongst hikers in summer and winter sports lovers in winter whilst the nearby Polanica is famous for ski jumping competitions.

The town faces the North side of Triglav the highest mountain in Julian Alps - just over 2800 meters above sea level.

On the way to Bled, our next stop

7 September - 10 September 2015

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