Saturday, 19 September 2015

Corsica: Beaches, beaches, beaches & Calvi

We'd been longing for months to visit Corsica again and we finally arrived here! Bring on sunshine and beaches!

Enjoying Saleccia beach - every each of us in our own way

Both kids are absolutely crazy about swimming. You can't keep them out of water!

Another beach afternoon (a whole day is too much for us) but this time at Gignu. 

I guess an afternoon nap is not only Aaron's favourite activity

A sea monster! Micky did actually get scared!

A Sunday afternoon in Calvi

My little treat

Micky the monster! Oh she's loud! Nela thinks her big sister is funny. Not exactly what Anastazja aims to achieve.

Hmmm... Future career?

A beach day again

Beany dug out a hole and kept bringing water in his little buckets for the two of them to jump in 'muddy puddles'. It involved lots of running back and forth to the sea but apparently it was worth it.

A rare moment of peace and quiet

I sure like taking photos of our kids!

Our campsite by Saleccia beach

After a week of just relaxing on beaches we left Saleccia and headed for Calvi from where we were going to travel along the West coast of Corsica. There were still beaches on the way, like this stony one.

I had a little play with the camera again. I just love taking photos of my little monkeys, especially when they don't know I am. I can capture them as natural and lovely as they are with all their  quirkiness. 


If not a pole dancer then make up artist? Practising on Nela with new washable felts. I don't think daddy envisaged they would be used this way when he purchased them.

21 - 30 August 2015

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