Friday, 31 July 2015

France: Mt St. Michel and the Atlantic coast

Arriving in France made us finally feel we were on holiday, although the weather upon the arrival was far from warm and sunny that we expected. We were welcomed by grey clouds at first soon followed by heavy rain. We managed to leave the rain behind as we headed west to visit Mont St. Michel, 8th C abbey in Normandy built on a small island which is only accessible during low tides.



Although the road doesn't seem to be affected by high tides, the car park is. Signs clearly advised that leaving a car there may result in the car getting under the water at times other than low tide.


Making our way South. And we escaped the grey clouds and rain!

Our little Cinderella

Enjoying a beach in South of France. Despite the sunshine and heat neither of the children had a swim. They both found the Atlantic Ocean far too cold.

Micky was trying to bury Beany in the sand.

This is how far she got. Too much work! She gave up and went to play with her beach toys instead.

Our campsite in the South of France.

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