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Anti Atlas (by Polka) - December 2014

After leaving the coast we were heading back into the mountains. The route was taking us through the parts called Anti Atlas.

A quick supply stop

And we're on the way

Unfortunately we got to the mountains at dusk. I loved the terrain so much that I would've liked to retrace our steps just to enjoy this route in its full glory. However, Aaron didn't agree with me on that so we proceeded with our plans to carry on to High Atlas. I still feel it was one of my favourite places in Morocco and would like to revisit it. 

Although there was no water in the river any more this village was clearly flooded. We found out from the local teacher who was also the interpreter to our host that the village was completely cut off for several days after the heavy rainfall.

The man to the left in the photo below is the local teacher. The school has only a dozen children!


Our destination was a village at the end of the track which was basically an empty river bed.

Getting into the river bed.

And turning around! The recent rainfall shifted rocks around and made the drive too difficult for us to proceed.

Looking for an alternative route to our destination.

We drove over some hills at first and then along a river bank.

Getting into a river bed again

As in many places in Morocco going through a village meant facing children chasing us hoping to get some sweets. This boy is one of many from this particular village running after our car. It was rather tiring and we'd prefer to avoid it if it was possible. Unfortunately on this occasion we had to drive twice through that village as the track/river bed was blocked not far from it and the only way out was to turn back and retrace our steps.

A lunch stop in the river bank, away from the village to avoid attracting any attention from locals

Out of Anti Atlas and heading towards High Atlas

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