Monday, 15 September 2014

Romanian Mountains

This was a lovely trip through the Romanian mountains.  The route joined some place in the middle of nowhere to another place in the middle of nowhere..... the middle of nowhere is a great place to be sometimes!

Map of the route

  Some people still live way up here......

And others used to (quite a few abandoned houses around)

A bit slippery in places, but easy work for the Mitsubishi

A simple sandwich would do for a picnic stop deep in the forest, but Sylwia is Polish, so it had to be a full cooked lunch!  Not that I'm complaining really, it was yummy.

Coming up to a pass offering great views over the forests we spent the morning driving through.

Crossing through the upper ranges of a ski field.  The weather here is still very summer-like, yet in just another month or two there may be some snow up here.

Back down from the mountains this was one small village we drove through while trying to take a shortcut to our intended campsite.

Setting up at a new campsite on a hill above a village (Cisnadioara).

The one and only Micky Moo, now walking by herself and quite confidently so!

Going for a walk in the village below our campsite.

Exploring an old fortified church up on the hill above the village.

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