Saturday, 3 October 2015

Serbia: Belgrade and Nis

Going further East we picked Serbia as our next stop. It is the third country in a row now that used to be a part of Yugoslavia.

A Sunday afternoon walk in Belgrade

On the way to Belgrade Fortress

The fortress is surrounded by Kalemegdan Park, the biggest park in Belgrade, which was full of fun stuff for kids. It wasn't our agenda, though, to stop there to Marcel's huge disappointment. Approaching the fortress. 

I found this to be a great idea: the flat land around the fortress walls, which once, I'm assuming, would have been a moat, has been converted into sport areas. This one is for basketball, others for other team games and tennis.

Inside the walls: an open air museum with exhibits from a variety of wars. Most of the fortress is free to visitors. There are only certain exhibitions that are charged. However, even those cost very little. Serbia is cheap.

The boys and Micky enjoyed having a good look around.

Views over the two rivers, Sava and Danube, from the fortress hill

Kalemegdan Park

Knez Mihailova Street - the only pedestrian zone of downtown Belgrade which also happens to be the main shopping street

 Who cares it's raining (or rather spitting)? There's ice cream!

Our Micky caught an eye of an Asian tourist who, without asking for permission, photographed her. He looked innocent, fortunately for him so we let him get away with it.

We were determined to find Skalandrija, a bohemian quarter full of amazing restaurant - so we heard anyway. It took us really long to get there as there were hardly any signs with directions. We all had enough of walking.

Here we are finally! By this point we were so tired that I couldn't bear spending any time on picking a restaurant, choosing a meal and then waiting for it to be delivered. I don't think the kids had any patient for it, either. Instead of Serbian food this time, KFC - quick and easy. 


Although there is a campsite in (or rather) near Belgrade, there wasn't any in nor around Nis where we were stopping next. Hence, we rented an apartment, a newly refurbished, two bedrooms, fully equipped in the centre of the town for €30 a night. Bargain!

Here's the view from our windows: it's the main shopping (pedestrienised) street in Nis.  

Renting an apartment gave us a couple of days of normality, felt a bit like (temporary) home. Beany especially enjoyed the stay in Nis. 

We may not go to restaurants too often but we sure can't just walk past a patisserie! Trying some desserts from a little bakery just around the corner from the flat. 

As always enjoying her tummy time.

Ooops! Where's Nela?! Quite mobile, even though she moves in only two directions: backwards and 360° turn.

Perfect fit!

An afternoon walk in Nis

Nis Fortress

My turn!

A snack break

On the way to the Skull Tower (Cele Kula). The tower itself is now protected in the building in the background and it is not allowed to take photos. The tickets for two adults and a child (Beany) cost €4.50. It was the only place in Nis and Belgrade where we had to pay an entry fee. Everything else, including Belgrade Fortress, was free of charge. 

18 - 24 September 2015

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