Thursday, 23 October 2014

Through towns and villages, past churches - the last route in Romania (September) - by Polka

The last route we did in Romania was mainly on roads but it took us through villages and past interesting churches some of which are recognised by UNESCO. We also drove through a village with traditional wooden houses and gates. This route took us back to our starting point, Cluj-Napuca.

A little market in a little town

One of many wooden churches we saw on our way

We visited this one. It is one that is recognised by UNESCO.

Romanian traditional wooden house, presently a museum, unfortunately
closed when we were there

A traditional wooden gate
Another church/chapel in a middle of cemetery.

This is the oldest church we visited, built in 1663 and located in a village Rogoz. It did seem like the most interesting one, too, but again we weren't able to go inside as it was closed.

This is another church located within the same cemetery.

A traditional house built in XV century but again closed

A gate that we spotted whilst going through a town. It was the only 
interesting feature there. 

Very pleased with herself for putting her hat all by herself

Our usual lunch stop

A little monastery just off the main road

Although we were driving on sealed roads, the areas we went through felt very remote. Small villages, just a few houses, some looking as if no one lived in them.

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