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Greece: Delphi and Hosios Loukas

Apart from restaurants being closed at this time of the year we learnt in Delphi that campsites may be, too, even those that claim to stay open all year round. Our first and second choice of campsites in Delphi were closed so we had to settle for the only one left. It had a lovely location and views which aren't that difficult to have around Delphi as the whole area is stunning. So we made it a one night stop and early in the morning we packed up and set off to see Delphi. 

On the way to Delphi

Campsite near Delphi

View from our tent

We spent a whole morning walking around the ruins in Delphi and by the time we were done with the main site it got really hot and we got hungry. I can't even imagine visiting Delphi in summer. The heat must be unbearable.

Delfoi (Delphi) - the main site

And this is what it used to look like

Walking up the hill to see the stadium. That in itself was a workout, I can't imagine actually exercising at the stadium!

The stadium where athletes fought for a wreath of laurel - no one would it now!

                   Yep, waling up hills is tiring.                              The only seats in the stadium with a backrest -                                                                                                                  reserved for judges.

This one has had enough!

The treasure of Athenians in the background.

I was determined to visit the other two sites as well or at least have a quick look at the Gymnasium and the Tholos. It required lots of motivation to walk there and literally dragging Aaron and Marcel. We made it as you can see from the pictures below.

The Gymnasium

The Tholos - a purpose of it unknown, a part of the Sanctuary of Athena

We were very pleased with ourselves for visiting Delphi so early that we decided to get a little reward. And the first opportunity arose just a few kilometers away from Delphi when we drove through a lovely town of Arahova. We couldn't resist having a little walk there and a pot of ice cream.

Hosios Loukas Monastery

Osios Loukas is the best preserved Byzantine monastery in Greece and mainly recognized for its frescoes and beautiful location. We, however, loved the whole package: the location and views, style of the churches, the frescoes. It's a must see place for us and one of our favourites in Greece. It is a Greek orthodox monastery so a strict dress code applies. Since it was a hot day none of us was wearing appropriate clothing to visit the monastery. Fortunately, skirts for women and trousers for men were provided if required. 

There two churches on the site built very close to each other - they share a wall. The boys said they could see a body in there which might have been St. Luke whose tomb was at first in the vault and then was moved to the juncture of the churches.  I didn't notice it unfortunately.

View from the monastery

Anastazja was entertaining herself whilst the boys were looking around Hosios Loukas. She was asleep when we arrived there so we had to take turns to view the monastery.
By Polka

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