Sunday, 15 November 2015

Greece: Corfu & Ioannina

No matter how organised one wants to be there is always going to be a surprise or two when you travel. The plan to take a ferry to Corfu from Sarande didn't work out last minute. And it was literally last minute. We were about to board a ferry when we learnt that the car with the roof rack on was too tall for the boat. We were allowed to board but the roof bag and the rack would have to be taken off which we found to be far too much of hassle for such a short journey that we decided to travel to the port of Igoumenitsa in Greece. The ferry crossing was slightly longer from there but it was cheaper as there was an abundance of ferry companies serving the route to Corfu and the drive to Igoumenitsa was quite pleasant. 

On the way to Igoumenitsa

At the villa Valentino, Corfu

Another perfect fit!

Views from our bedroom, there were two windows, one overlooking the pool and bar, the other - the back yard

The back yard with the mountain view

Aaron enjoyed the peace and quiet in the bar whilst working on his off roading videos.

Tikki touring around the North part of Corfu

Checking the temperature of the sea. Not bad.

Pyrgi - the village where the villa was located, 11km from Corfu town

Corfu town

 Bling, bling!

The Old Fortress in the background

Views from the top of the Old Fortress hill

The new fortress

All excited about to enter a lovely patisserie

Choosing their treats

On a ferry leaving Corfu

Corfu Town seen from the sea

The new fortress seen from the sea

The old fortress seen from the sea

Ioannina - a short stop on the way North


Here comes the frog! 

A night in Thessaloniki before crossing the border into Bulgaria

On the way to Bulgaria - a very quick lunch stop

I must admit that despite a very bad impression that Bulgaria made on me last year it was quite interesting to drive through it this year. It didn't seem as bad as last time and I'd gladly go back to explore it more. 

Going through Bulgaria wasn't our first choice of route North, however, due to the closure of the  Hungarian southern border we didn't have much choice. And whilst going through Bulgaria was rather smooth, driving through Romania was painfully slow. Mainly due to lots of roadworks. We spent three nights in Romania as we were only able to cover 200-250km a day despite spending whole days in the car. We were relieved when we finally left Romania and drove into Hungary.

A very lazy day in Sophia, Bulgaria, basically catching up on cuddling, lying in and watching TV. The day was miserable: rainy and cold so there was no incentive for us to leave the apartment.

About to leave Bulgaria. Romania is on the other side of the river.

A complete change of weather in Romania: sunny and warm. Enjoying our usual lunch.

What an eyesore!

View from the pension in Romania where we spent the night.

A railway station somewhere in Romania

A short stop for a quick car fix

And a few minutes later - another one.

12 - 25 October 2015

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