Thursday, 6 August 2015

The Spanish Pyrenees - Part II

Route III
Around Benasque

The route around Benasque was an alternative we were left with when our first choice route, to and back from Valle de Estos, turned out to be closed to 4x4 cars. It was still open to walkers but again we weren’t prepared to walk with the three kids. Although unfortunate it isn't unusual for us to find a route that might have been previously open to four-wheel-drives available only to walkers. We have had to turn around on some occasions or break the law if we really wanted to follow the track as we did a couple of times in Romania last year. 


The boys were taking time to ensure the car was in a full working condition for further travels, especially the off road parts.


Route IV - the last route in the Pyrenees
It was a circular route with a little detour up to a beautiful plateau, just perfect for a wild camping. Unfortunately, due to Aaron's work arrangements, we had to give up the idea of staying there overnight.

The beginning of our circular route, a little Spanish town

And what now? Go or not? That is a question...

No, it isn't! Go obviously!

Off the main track, on the way to the plateau.

Nearly there...

The destination is just round the corner.

And here it is!

A daisy chain for my pretty girl. Silly me! I actually believed she was going to wear it.

It didn't look like she had any interest whatsoever in wearing my daisy chain. Someone else wanted to wear it...


Mine! Still not that good at sharing.

Worn for 2 seconds and then handed over to mummy...

... who, surprisingly, was allowed to wear it. Not for too long, though.

I wonder how long the little one would have been wearing her daisy chain had she been able to take it off herself.

Taking a photo with three kids is nearly impossible! We took several and I guess this is the best one.

Tried again. Nearly perfect! Managed to get two kids look into the camera.

On the way back.

Since we couldn't wild camp this time, we spent the night at a campsite in this little town, still in the Pyrenees.


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